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Geezer Butler -Black Science lp


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2020 vinyl release on black vinyl

The second studio album by Geezer, originally released in July 1997. The cover art for the album is intended to represent the Black Sabbath song Hand Of Doom. Geezer about the Doctor Who connection in the song Among The Cybermen: Yes, the lyrics were originally about the death of Doctor Who. The original chorus was Doctor Who lies dead among the Cybermen, about the final battle of Dr. Who, but was supposed to be symbolic of the end of childhood. I changed it because I thought it sounded a bit silly. Most of the album is about growing up in the era of Sixties television, and its influence on me. Doctor Who and Hand Of Doom is one thing but the fact is that Butler hardly were copying the Sabbath sound. The sound is closer to Slayer than Sabbath, and the bonecrushing, ultra-heavy album is best described as thrash with elements of alternative rock and industrial noise. From Man In A Suitcase to Trinity Row, Butler and colleagues Clark Brown (a passionate vocalist who has learned a thing or two from Slayer’s Tom Araya), Pedro Howse (guitar) and Deen Castronovo (drums) never fail to sound evil and menacing. Black Science demonstrated that almost 30 years after Sabbath’s formation, Butler was still willing to take chances.

Track list:
1. Man In A Suitcase
2. Box Of Six
3. Mysterons
4. Justified
5. Department S
6. Area Code 51
7. Has To Be
8. Number 5
9. Among The Cyberman
10. Unspeakable Elvis
11. Xodiak
12. Nothern Wisdom
13. Trinity Road

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