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Gehenna – Fifth Spell-Murder [original]


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Orginal Moonfog edition Gehenna is the word for jewish hell or purgatory. With the new musical direction of ‘Admiron Black’ the band returned with the acclaimed 'Murder' album during 2000. This is not the Gehenna that released albums 5 years earlier and they are not innovating or flirting with avant-garde material. This album is brutal, vicious, more violent and uncompromisingly devastating death metal. The guitars are down-tuned, distorted like fuck and the whole album is about as pretty as getting your skull smashed in with a sledgehammer while being ass-raped by a chainsaw. Overly short and to the point, all the songs on this album are a straight punch in your face and ears. The production is solid yet quite dirty and the vocals are surprisingly low in the final mix and coming out much more shouted than growled. This album is a continuation of that Gehenna evolution. Track list: 1. Murder 2. Worthy Exit 3. Devout Dementia 4. The Crucified One 5. Perfect Hate 6. To The Grave 7. Trail of Blood 8. Master Satan 9. The Dead

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