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Gehenna – Third Spell-Malice


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During the pinnacle of black metal there were a bunch of black metal bands emerging suddenly out from nowhere, all bearing similar imagery, idealism, and aesthetics. In most cases, particularly in Norway, the bands had either broken loose from their past death metal efforts, or were just forming from scratch, creating or attempting to create this relatively new style of music, for very similar reasons. Most if not all of the earliest bands writing this style are very well known today, because of the fact that they basically reconstructed the 80’s first wave into an entire new form of black metal. However, some of the bands that came a few years later were just too late for the initial explosion, but not too late to be considered third wave rip-offs. Stavanger band Gehenna are one of those bands. ‘Gehenna’ is the word for jewish hell or purgatory. The third album ‘Malice’ was less orchestral then the proceeder and was released in 1996, this was a much acclaimed opus that seemed to secure the bands ascension to greater things. This is an excellent production, so melodic, dark and hypnotizing. Track list: 1. She Who Loves The Flames 2. Made To Suffer 3. Touched And Left For Dead 4. Bleeding The Blue Flame 5. Manifestation 6. Ad Arma Ad Arma 7. The Pentagram 8. Malice 9. The Word Became Flesh 10. Before The Seventh Moon

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