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Gehennah -Blood Metal Gangfighters A Tribute To Gehennah cd


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It was just bound to happen. A tribute album to one of the dirtiest, drunkest and meanest street metal band Sweden has ever carved out; Gehennah. 12 underground bands show their highest respect for this legendary band. Its loud, its raw and its fun. Check it out

Track list:
1. Moloch Letalis -Bulldozer
2. Offence -Bang Your Head For Satan
3. Riotor -Demolition Team
4. Ragehammer -Winter War
5. Stillborn -Osculum Oscenum
6. Axecutor -Piss Off, I’m Drinking
7. Warfist -Six Pack Queen
8. Hate Them All -I’m The Wolf
9. Paganfire -Hellstorm
10. Excidium – Decibel Rebel
11. Empheris -King Of Sidewalk
12. Whipstriker -We Love Alcohol

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Bestial Invasion Records

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BIR 028