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Gehennah -King Of The Sidewalk cd


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2015 re-issue

Look out, rock and roll children, because the gods of mean and dirty street metal have returned, and if their bio is a reliable document, then you can bet that Mr. Violence and friends are rocking out and getting stinking drunk even as you read these words. Worry not, though: your reviewer is perfectly sober at the moment. Gehennah plays some lovely brand of Motorhead-inspired early eighties style metal. Its alco-metal with lots of humor and titles like Bitch With A Bullet Belt and Bang Your Heads For Satan should be enough to prove that. But Gehennah is so more than just fun lyrics its also damn good music that makes you in a good mood

Track listing:
1. Rock-n-Roll Patrol
2. Hellstorm
3. Bitch With a Bulletbelt
4. King of the Sidewalk
5.(You’re the) Devil In Disguise
6. Bang Your Heads For Satan
7. Chickenrace
8. Tough Guys Don’t Look Good
9. Saturdaynight Blasphemer
10. Bulldozer
11. Demolition Team

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