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Gehennah -Metal Police 7″ [red]


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Red vinyl with insert. Limited 500 copies

Gehennah returns on record for the first time since 2003 with the Metal Police EP. This masterpiece was recorded an afternoon in October 2013 under the influence of heavy drinking with the line-up of Mr. Violence Asshole with a microphone, Rob Stringburner 6-string dyslexia assault, Charley Knuckleduster 4-string posekill and Hellcop Shockwaves of a distant street-fight. It was produced by Gehennah but engineered, mixed and mastered by Mats Lindstrom at Big Balls Productions in Karlstad, Sweden. This EP features three new songs and a cover of the Dwarves classic Fuck Em All.

Track listing:
1. Metal Police
2. Four Knuckle Facelift
3. Crime Career
4. Fuck Em All

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