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Genocide Shrines ‎–Devanation Monumentemples lp


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Black vinyl with insert. Limited 500 copies

Sri Lanka, a land shrouded by political warfare, oppression, and interracial hate, would be ideal breeding grounds for the birth of bands following similar lyrical themes and a similar approach to their music. However, Genocide Shrines, hailing from the capital city of Colombo, have little to no hints of such influences in their music or lyrics and pursue a much darker and more primitive approach to their music, and all of their blasphemous vomits are compiled to give birth to their debut EP, Devanation Monumentemples. Black/death spat out with tantric animosity and unearthly desires, Genocide Shrines, perform a unique blend of black metal and death metal with earnest emphasis on providing chaos. Heavily-distorted razor-like riffs, steamrolling drums, sinister bass lines, and bestial vocals that would make Raavan in the deepest realms of hell stand up and take note, tie the music up very well and is a pleasure to the listener. The production is an added bonus as all the instruments are audible while managing to sound raw at the same time. This band could be compared to bands like Archgoat, Proclamation, and Teitanblood. With heaps of blessings from Raavan, Genocide Shrines annihilate with no mercy and could be depended on to produce such masterpieces in the future. This solid, mature, and aggressive release from these Sri Lankan blasphemers should not be missed by metal maniacs out there who worship bestial black metal or old school death metal.

Track list:
1. Pillar I (Entrance)
2. Devanation Monumentemples
3. Apparitions Of Spiritual Obliteration
4. Pillar II (Submission)
5. Shivatandaviolence (Cleansiege)
6. Nectars Of Tantric Murder
7. Pillar III (Discipline)

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