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Ghost / John Carpenter -Hunters Moon 7″ [european]


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Black vinyl single. European pressing with both the Loma Vista and Spinefarm logos on the back cover

The creative juices between Ghost and Blumhouse began the evening of Ghost’s headline show at the LA Forum (November 2018). In October 2019, Blumhouse invited Tobias Forge to visit the Halloween Kills set and meet director David Gordon Green, to get a hands-on sense of the atmosphere. Years in the making, a collaboration between Ghost and Halloween took shape as Hunter’s Moon for the blockbuster horror film franchise, Halloween Kills. The single features John Carpenter Halloween Kills (Main Title) on the B-side.

Track list:
1. Ghost -Hunters Moon
2. John Carpenter-Halloween Kills-main title

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Loma Vista/Spinefarm Records

Catalogue Number

LVR02081 / 00888072411982

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