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Ghost –Through The Spillways dlp


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Double album on black vinyls. Limited 300 copies

In a little over ten years the mysterious myspace sensation Ghost has become one of the worlds largest rock bands. It is impressive, but not entirely unexpected. The man behind Ghost, Tobias Forge, is a perfectionist and visionary right at the fingertips. Nothing is left to chance and this is also shown in the bands live shows. Besides the music we have pompous pyrotechnics, coordinated guitar solos and an extremely delicious lighting. Papa Emeritus IV, Forge’s latest alter ego, changes clothes countless times for the outfit to match the feeling or spirit in the song performed (the nicest is the shirt with bat wings). This album is from the Avicii Arena gig in Stockholm on the 29th of April 2022. Papa Emeritus IV and his unnamed ghouls opens the night with the powerful Kaisarion, from the latest album Impera, and the audience are in Papa’s hands right from the start. The audience is loud through the colossus Year Zero and its also very appreciated that the band plays both Kiss The Go-Goat and Mary On A Cross from the Seven Inches Of Satanic Panic single. In the pompous He Is the audience in the arena lights their mobile phones and creates an almost religious experience. For the encores the audience literally dances in confetti to the tones of Dance Macabre and Square Hammer and we all feel that the evening is fairly complete.

Track list:
1. Imperium
2. Kaisarion
3. Rats
4. From The Pinnacle To The Pit
5. Mary On A Cross
6. Devil Church
7. Cirice
8. Hunter’s Moon
9. Faith
10. Spillways
11. Ritual
12. Call Me Little Sunshine
13. Helvetesfönster
14. Year Zero
15. Spöksonat
16. He Is
17. Miasma
18. Mummy Dust
19. Kiss The Go-Goat
20. Enter Sandman
21. Dance Macabre
22. Square Hammer

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