Ghost -The Tomb Of Ghost BC dlp [red]


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Double album on red vinyls. Limited 175 copies

Ghost, from Linkoping, Sweden, released their third album “Meliora” at the end of the summer of 2015 and they gave only two concerts in the country during the autumn of that year. This double album was recorded on friday the 13th of November 2015 at the Annexet in Stockholm. The spooky rockers, who have hidden their identities since the beginning of 2008, mixes rock, pop and progg music with satanic almost black metal lyrics and melodious singing. Heavy doom metal riffs and prodigy syntheses with overblown stage show and costumes. The whole thing is so very impressive, especially when “Cirice” slides into “Year Zero” and finally lands in “He Is”. Ghost are so skilled and have such a theatrical aesthetic and that makes the band so successful and musically its as much pop as its metal or rock and thats why so many can adore this band

Track list:
1. Spirit
2. Pinnacle To The Pit
3. Ritual
4. Mummy Dust
5. Con Clavi Con Dio
6. Per Aspera Ad Inferi
7. Devil Church
8. Cirice
9. Year Zero
10. He Is
11. Absolution
12. Jigolo Har Megiddo
13. Ghuleh/Zombie Queen
14. If You Have Ghosts-Roky Erickson cover
15. Monstrance Clock

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