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Girls Next Door ‎–What A Girl Next Door Could Do MC


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Us pressed music cassette. Clear cassette with grey text.

Girls Next Door was one of the few all-female vocal groups in contemporary country music. They got off the ground in 1982, when producer Tommy West approached backup alto singer Doris King about starting a group. She liked the idea and gathered three more backup singers, including second alto Cindy Nixon, soprano Diane Williams, and second soprano Tammy Stephens. They went through several names before finally settling on the Girls Next Door and signed to MTM, where West worked as a house producer. After two years of touring, the Girls recorded their eponymous debut album in 1986. Their debut single, “Love Will Get You Through Times with No Money,” was on the charts for over five months and made the Top 15. The follow-up, “Baby I Want It,” made it to the Top 30. The title track of their second album, What A Girl Next Door Could Do, became a medium-level hit, as did their next single, “Easy to Find.” They had one more minor hit for the MTM label in 1988 before it folded. The Girls moved to Atlantic Records in 1990 and released How ‘Bout Us, which produced two minor hits in the title track and “He’s Gotta Have Me.” In 1991, the Girls Next Door split up to pursue their separate interests.

Track list:
1. What A Girl Next Door Could Do
2. Easy To Find
3. I Can Hear My Heart Begin’ To Cry
4. You’re The Rock, You’re The Rebel
5. Comin’ Off Of You
6. Posse’s Out On You
7. Without Your Love
8. Message From My Heart
9. Dancin’ Shoes
10. Quiet Night

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