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Girlschool – Believe


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It’s amazing to think that Girlschool started life as a band called Painted Lady way back in 1977, and extraordinary that these sister sledgehammers released their debut album, ‘Demolition’, nearly 25 years ago. And it’s remarkable to discover that Girlschool are apparently listed in The Guinness Book Of Records for being the world’s longest-surviving all-female rock band. ‘Believe’ is the kind of record you thought no one ever made any more. It’s Girlschool in prime-time, tousled‘n’rat-tailed, aggressive‘n’hook-laden, full-on shoutalong form, and it’s augmented by some ferocious, stiletto-in-the-groin attitudes. No change there, then, you might say. But ‘Believe’ sounds like a breath of fresh air. It mixes straight-to-the-heart, raucous, rasping, typically chunky 70s-style British rock with a bunch of bold songs that push the Girlschool boundaries forward somewhat. This is fifty minutes of rough cut, un-polished, energetic and high spirited Rock n Roll from a band that simply refuse to lie down. Girlschool are back with a bang. ‘Waking up the neighbors/Waking up the dogs/Walking down the streets/Singing Motorhead songs’ Track list: 1. Come On Up 2. Let's Get Hard 3. Crazy 4. We All Love To (Rock 'n' Roll) 5. Secret 6. New Beginning 7. C'mon 8. Never say Never 9. You Say 10. Feel Good 11. Hold On Tight 12. Yes Means Yes 13. We All Have To Choose 14. Play Around ] 15. Passion

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