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2017 release in digipack sleeve with 1 bonus track

Girlschool take their place in British Rock history by being, without doubt, the most successful all female Hard Rock band, a fact witnessed by the group being the constant yardstick to which all other girl bands have been measured up to. Like their eager mentors and frequent partners in crime Motörhead, Girlschool had parlayed the New Wave of British Heavy Metal’s brief heyday from 1979-1981 into numerous magazine covers, sold-out tours, and a string of hit albums and singles. But change was in store for all, come 1982. The success began to decline for both bands along with other Nwobhm bands. This would be the year that would break Motörhead’s most legendary lineup asunder, and in the all-girl metal troupe’s case, the combination of a grueling work schedule and mounting pressure to appeal to mainstream fans would sew the seeds of their undoing. There was a short hiatus after friction between McAuliffe and Williams that led to the founding bassist Enid Williams was the first to crack in the new year. She was replaced by ex Killjoys bassist Gil Weston upon the recommendation of Lemmy. Nigel Gray produced the band’s third album ‘Screaming Blue Murder’. The album didn’t live up to the high expectations of the first two albums but were reasonably successful. The album still got them out on their first Japan tour and gave them support slots on both the Rainbow tour and the Mercyful Fate tour a tour that could have been the end for the band when at the band’s last Danish show in Copenhagen, Kim was severely electrocuted from her microphone and came close to being killed. King Diamond endeavoured to secure promotion from this by saying he was sorry for summoning the demon that did it!

Track listing:
1. Screaming Blue Murder
2. Live With Me
3. Wildlife
4. Turns Your Head Around
5. Take It From Me
6. Don’t Call It Love
7. Hell Razor
8. When Your Blood Runs Cold
9. You Got Me
10. Flesh And Blood
11. Dont Stop

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Dissonance Productions

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