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Gleisberg –Fragile Fairytales cd


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After his first two albums for Prudence, “Damiana (1997), which was hailed a “masterpiece” by the press, and the romantic “Elysium” (1999), classically trained composer and music educator Ruediger Gleisberg offers the world an album, on which he lifts his totally unique, multifaceted and extremely sensual personal style to a new peak. Gleisberg, who even succeeded in Hollywood with his soundtrack contributions to the blockbuster movie “Blade”, creates in his tracks a new kind of modern electronic chamber music, which combines the lush beauty of the baroque era with contemporary achievements. On the other hand, the deeply spiritual and sensual music on “Fragile Fairytales” is miles away from the sterile and sometimes depressive coolness of many trendy electronic music releases. In his rare interviews Gleisberg, aged 36, sometimes refers to Tangerine Dreams, Vangelis or Yes as the heroes of his youth and his musical idols, but observers from outside often find influences of Philipp Glass and Roger Eno in his style. But most of all Gleisberg is a rare and precious original in a world of soundalikes.

Track list:
1. Intro / Deep Blue
2. Indian Garden
3. Ikarus
4. Largo
5. Damiana
6. Mind Diving
7. Initiation Ceremony
8. Plants Of Paradise
9. Lucidity
10. Single Moment In Eternity
11. Fragile Fairytales
12. Enlightenment

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