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Glory Bells Band -Century Rendezvous cd


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Still sealed with slipcase and 4 bonus tracks from the unreleased National Force album. Limited 500 copies

Glory Bells Band were among those bands that started the wave of Swedish heavy metal bands. After a show at the club ‘Underground’ in Stockholm a guy from a record company stuck a record contract into their hands. Soon after the band was in the Decibel studios recording their first album ‘Dressed In Black’ an album that was released in 1982. In 1983 Glory Bells Band went into the studio and recorded their second album ‘Century Rendezvous’. Even this album was recorded under pressure due to shortage of studio time. The basic recordings were made at ‘Decibel Studios’ and additional recordings were made at ‘Bastu Studios’ in Stockholm. The band had struggled with the record company ever since ‘Dressed In Black’ got released. The guys decided to go on strike when the ‘Century Rendezvous’ was nearly completed. This led to a lot of arguments with the record company, but they finally got paid for ‘Dressed In Black’. Although the amount was not enough they decided to take the money and finish the record of the follow up album. The front cover illustrates the ’Big Thunder’. The album release date was delayed half a year because the record company did not pay the engraver contractor in time. ‘Century Rendezvous’ did get great reviews from the press and the band did a lot of shows. It album was also released in Japan and their Japanese label wanted the band to come over there to play however disagreement with their record label SOS lead to that this never came true. In the autumn of 1984, Miguel Santana (guitar) and Bo Andersson (bass) left the band because of all the problems with the record company. Glory Bells Band kept it going for a for another while before becoming Glory North and later just Glory. With Franco Santunione who later joined Electric Boys

Track listing:
1. Flight Back Home
2. Wardrummer
3. Big Thunder
4. My Life
5. After Twelve
6. Indian Rainsong
7. Sweet Irene
8. Five Foxes
9. In The Attic
10. Save My Soul From Rock N Roll
11. Under Pressure
12. Woman Child
13. Block Ten

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