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Gluttony –Drogulus cd


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Gluttony was founded in Sundsvall 2009. It consists of three members of now extinct My Own Grave. Their third album, Drogulus, was released in the spring of 2023. Gluttony plays straight forward Swedish styled death metal that goes from crushing mid-tempo to up-tempos tunes that has some distorted guitar riffs. The classic Entombed sound seems to be the big inspiration but hell the Swedish death metal genre is very much based on Entombed. Its an enjoyable album that truly deserves to be listen to by fans of the genre.

Track list:
1. The Pallid Mask
2. Feed Off The Flesh
3. Legions Of Eternal Death
4. Drogulus
5. Of Blasphemous Infinity
6. Under Rotting Portraits
7. Old In Wrath And Woe
8. Temples Of Tsathoggua
9. Towers Of Frost

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