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Gnipahålan / Evilfeast –Split lp


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Split album between Swedish black metal act Gnipahålan and Polish one man project Evilfeast. Gnipahålan is Swedish for Gnipahellir (old Norse; translates to Gnipa cave), which is the name of a mystical cave in Norse mythology. If you have heard Gnipahålan before then we can say that the elements that made their prior full-length release stellar are present here as well: well-crafted drums, well produced, sinister atmosphere, relentless riffing and what I love the most: an audible bass laying down great bass lines. The track is lengthy, but it flows perfectly, due to the well-thought songwriting and variety of ideas. Simply great. Evilfeast makes some black metal art. It starts with some crashing, muffled sound then it changes riffs perfectly. The riffs brings aggression, synths bring coldness and beauty of primeval nature, but also a large dose of melancholy and mystic expression. Vocals – as in the previous achievements of the project – are very expressive, shrill and also recognizable, just like the music. It feels impenetrable darkness filled with cold. Despite the fact that it is noisy and rather obscure, it carries a melody, which makes it digestible and easy on the ear. If you like atmospheric black metal, this release will surely appeal to you as these two bands shows that they truly are masters of their craft. So do yourself a favor and get hold of this one

Track list:
1. Gnipahålan –Storm Av Rå Nordisk Dödskonst Del. II
2. Evilfeast –Black Witchcraft Over Carpathia

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