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Goat Horn – Voyage To Nowhere


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Ah, nothing like hearing metal deeply inspired by years of boozing, playing loud music and worshipping Black Sabbath. Not to say Canada's Goathorn are a bunch of drunken delinquents but, uh, well, yeah, that's exactly what I'm implying. Goathorn's one of those bands that just reeks of metal music and lots of beer. They play it heavy, raw and reckless, drawing influence from Cathedral, Kyuss, Voivod, Maiden and Sabbath. This Pembroke, Ontario Stoner Rot trio does its best on ‘Voyage To Nowhere’ rocking out on ‘Alcoholic Faith’, ’Shattered Dream’ and ‘Wasted Warrior’. Their tunes are virtual stoner anthems. Track List 1. Goat Horn 2. Alcoholic Faith 3. Eternal Conquest for Eternal Happiness 4. Shattered Dream 5. Voyage to Nowhere 6. Wasted Warrior 7. Doom March

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