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God Among Insects – World Wide Death


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All-star band: Emperor Magus Caligula – Vocals (Dark Funeral, Hypocrisy, Dominion Caligula) Lord K Philipson – Guitar (House of Usher, Leukemia, Odyssey (Swe), The Project Hate, Dark Funeral) Tomas Elofsson – Bass (Divine Desecration, Sanctification) Tobias Gustafsson – Drums (Vomitory (Swe), Syrus (Swe), Eureka) Tracklist: 1. Legions of Darkness 2. A Gush of Blood 3. Headless Nun Whore 4. Wretched Hatching 5. Chainsawed Christians 6. Purified in Carnage 7. Uprising of the Rotten 8. Severe Facial Reconstruction 9. Uhr-Nazuur

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