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God Dethroned – Into The Lungs Of Hell


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God Dethroneds fifth studio album ‘Into The Lungs Of Hell’ starting surprisingly slow with an epic title song, it is clear, that 'Into the Lungs of Hell' needs a few spins. The songs are a few in numbers, but there is enough material for any metal album. The album is wide enough in musical spectrum, but still holds together fantastically, even though thrashy 'Slaughtering the Faithful' sounds a bit like an outsider. One can hear different shades of death metal (from doomy to blast beat stuff), heavy metal, thrash metal, wonderful melodic lead work, admirable drumming, actually anything that would make a great metal album. Yes, it's more varying again (remember their more basic death metal album 'Ravenous' [2001]). Speed doesn't mean brutality, but there are some fast songs. I feel that this is a bit similar to some of the better newer records from Hypocrisy (like classic 'Abduction' [1996]). Still, it is all God Dethroned, since they have their style, no doubt about it when hearing that bluesy lead guitar tone. Their black metal influences (there's some on 'The Grand Grimoire' (1997), you can't deny that) aren't present here. Musicianship is extremely high within the band. New skins-basher Arien van Weesenbeek brings so much energy into the playing and his beats are truly fantastic in speed and precision, if not truly original. Guitar duo Henri (also main growled vocals, sometimes pretty close to Carcass Jeff Walker) and Jens are magnificent and very metal indeed. Bassist Beef also does provide some growling. The sound is organic and balanced. No studio tricks or anything. Henrik Larsson recorded this in Berno Studios, Malmo, Sweden. However, this sounds simply timeless, almost retro in a good way. The lyrics are usual stuff; death, war, modern society, religions. I can assure you, that once again God Dethroned has created a record, which I find extremely well. It differs from their back catalogue, but never too much. Varying material, memorable songs, somewhat retro in its atmosphere, bloody great metal feel throughout the album. Another bloody massacre!!! Track listing: 1. Into The Lungs Of Hell 2. The Warcult 3. Enemy Of The State 4. Soul Sweeper 5. Slaughtering The Faithful 6. Subliminal 7. The Tombstone 8. Gods Of Terror

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