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God Dethroned -The World Ablaze lp


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover.

When it comes to perfectly executed death metal then you can count on the Dutchmens in God Dethroned. In 2009 they released Passchendaele, the first album in a massive trilogy concept project about the first World War. The second album in the series was released within a year and was called Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross, and told the story of the battle of Verdun, the Schlieffen Plan and one of histories most well known fighter pilots, The Red Baron. Then the fans had to wait 7 yeas for the final part, The World Ablaze. Musically all three albums can be classified as soundtrack albums to a war movie. The visceral imagery of poison gas, mangled bodies entangled in barbed wire and trench warfare is elevated by the cacophonous riffs and blast beats. Seldom has a lyrical concept been translated into metal music in such a fitting and solid way as on these three albums.

Track list:
1. A Call To Arms
2. Annihilation Crusade
3. The World Ablaze
4. On The Wrong Side Of The Wire
5. Close To Victory
6. Königsberg
7. Escape Across The Ice (The White Army)
8. Breathing Through Blood
9. Messina Ridge
10. The 11th Hour

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