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God Mother -Vilseledd lp [clear]


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Clear vinyl. Limited 500 copies

Stockholm, Sweden’s God Mother blend hardcore, d-beat, grind and death metal. The end result is aggressive, energetic fast-paced hardcore seasoned with death metal and tasty sludge. Their second album, Vilseledd, packs hardcore, grind, sludge, and noise into lethal projectiles, fueled by bilingual lyrics denouncing society’s ignorance, in both Swedish and English. Vilseledd is truly a treat for your ears. If you enjoy chaotic hardcore that are as violent and fucked up as possible then check this out. That breakdown at the end of Caved In is just nuts and Burdenless, the album’s five-minute shape-shifting closer, traps the album’s disparate influences in a mucky web, where they promptly fester like A-grade Neurosis. Besides providing a much-needed respite from God Mother’s bludgeoning zig-zags and recurrent fake outs, the song provides convincing evidence that the band’s protean tricks may be more unified than they let on. A little bit of discipline goes a long way.

Track list:
1. Dödfödd
2. By The Millions
3. Tar Mirror
4. No Return
5. Acrid Teeth
6. Anti Anthem
7. De Ovälkomna
8. Weak
9. 10.000 År
10. Caved In
11. Enkla Svar
12. Charlatan
13. Carve Them
14. Burdenless

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