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Godhead Machinery ‎–Ouroboros cd


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Sweden’s Godhead Machinery, released their debut album, Ouroboros, back in 2017. This is extreme metal with intense riffs and drum beats thats hard enough to crack the earth. The vocals are aggressive and brutal, Ouroboros, really gets you the full spectrum of an extreme metal album. And it is all there, from down-in-the-pit low-fi-esque happiness in A House Divided to really reflective and refined, yet roughly-hewn metal shards raining down on ye in The Plague. The dark and moody tempo of Praise The Flesh might not be as fast as what came before but it offers something different. Playing the doom card with its meaty riffs and hooks, the groove elements here really excel and the vocals take on a much more desperate edge. The longer it goes, the more it digs in deeper. Pure excellence. The album portrays a level of variety seldom found on such blackened records. And they kept their metal accessible to the masses. A small, but important detail that other bands of more eclectic taste clearly failed to achieve. So, well done. Ouroboros is a great record that definitely fuels that unholy hunger for more of Godhead Machinery.

Track list:
1. Revelation
2. A House Divided
3. Praise the Flesh
4. Ouroboros
5. Council of Nicaea
6. Tithe
7. The Plague

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