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Golgotha ‎–Melancholy / The Way Of Confusion / Elemental Changes d/cd


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Double album featuring the bands two albums Melancholy and Elemental Changes together with the EP: Way Of Confusion.

Golgotha hails from one of the Mediterranean paradisiacal islands, probably one of the most famous ones: Majorca. Although this seems not to help the band to have an optimistic look at life. In fact, throughtout this album you can find the anguish that sprouts within their souls. The gloomy, sad, melancholic and dark melodies that compose this album shows that even in such a nice, clear and sunny place as Majorca the disease of Doom Metal gets followers. These talent and technically highly-skilled guys music reminds me of Greek gods Septic Flesh (but without so many instruments and parts in each song) but in some places influences of My Dying Bride flourish as well.

Their magnificent music is very melodic yet powerful, with several different passages with pianos (as in “Lake Of Melodies”), female vocals (as in “Lonely” and “Virtualis Demens”), very inspired solos (as the one that appears on “Raceflections”) apart from other appealing arrangements such as synths, keyboards and two instrumental songs, “Lost” and closing “Caves Of Mind”. Besides, other winning-points of the band is singer Amon, who literally leaves his throat in the mic, apart of being able to perform different kinds of vocals, from guttural growling to “normal” voices (as in “Stillness”). If doom death is your thing then this is something to check out

Elemental Changes
The album is very enchanting, very melodic and doom-oriented at times, etching waves of slow-paced numbers into the music though still managing to muster up aggressive qualities as well. This album could be compared to mid-era Therion. The main reason I am enchanted by the work of Golgotha is its sincere gothic overtone, relying heavily on atmosphere and pure creativity for the recordings to work efficiently. It’s got power and passion all rolled up into one headstrong recording. Though a bit bland on the vocal side at times, the music sincerely makes up for lost ground. Fans of Therion, Moonspell and EverEve might find this interesting. Choice cuts: “Emotionless”, “Lifetrappers” and “Internal Fight”. Passion runs deep within Golgotha’s music and those giving it a listen will embrace the warmth and honesty it offers.

Track list:
1. Lonely-from Melancholy 1995
2. Lake Of Memories-from Melancholy 1995
3. Nothing-from Melancholy 1995
4. Raceflections-from Melancholy 1995
5. Lost-instrumental-from Melancholy 1995
6. Immaterial Deceptions-from Melancholy 1995
7. Stillness-from Melancholy 1995
8. Virtualis Demens-from Melancholy 1995
9. Caves Of Mind-instrumental-from Melancholy 1995
10. The Way Of Confusion-from The Way Of Confusion 1997
11. Embrace Me-new version-from The Way Of Confusion 1997
12. Snowblind-Black Sabbath cover-from The Way Of Confusion 1997
13. Emotionless-from Elemental Changes 1998
14. Dark Tears-from Elemental Changes 1998
15. The Way Of Confusion-from Elemental Changes 1998
16. The Wood In Me-from Elemental Changes 1998
17. Lifetrappers-from Elemental Changes 1998
18. Answers-from Elemental Changes 1998
19. Save Me, Kiss Me-from Elemental Changes 1998
20. The Proverb-from Elemental Changes 1998
21. Internal Fight-from Elemental Changes 1998
22. Love Gun-Kiss cover-from Elemental Changes 1998
23. Elemental Changes-from Elemental Changes 1998

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