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Gonerfest 4 dvd/cd


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Still sealed dvd with bonus cd

Goner Records is based in Memphis, Tennessee. They are known for releasing albums by punk, garage rock, and more recently post-punk and synth-oriented bands, such as the King Khan And BBQ Show, Nots, Low Life, and the late Jay Reatard. The label also hosts Gonerfest, an annual Memphis music festival that started in 2004. The fourth fest was held in 2008 and this dvd and cd set will put you right in the middle of the mayhem, with music from Jay Reatard, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Mr. Airplane Man, Marked Men, Quintron and Miss Pussycat, Gentleman Jesse, Greg Cartwright, and many more.

Dvd track list:
1. Carbonas –Dont Know Why
2. Hank IV –Melonhead
3. Lover –Pipe Is Too Tight
4. Staags –Robot
5. The Barbaras –Day At The Shrine
6. Ooga Boogas –Hot Chase
7. The Hex Dispensers –The Crone
8. Cococoma –Take My Time
9. Digital Leather –Please Be Quiet
10. Mr. Airplane Man –Johnny Johnny
11. King Louie One Man Band –Jesus Loves My One Man Band
12. Carbonas –Didn’t Tell You A Lie
13. Evil Army –Evil Army
14. Evil Army –Wrong Approach
15. Tuff Bananas –Do It If It Feels Good
16. Digger And The Pussycats –All Time Low
17. Final Solutions –Tammy
18. Final Solutions –In A Coma
19. Eddy Current Suppression Ring –You Let Me Be Honest With You
20. Headache City –Gypsy
21. The Marked Men –A Little Time
22. Boston Chinks –I’ll Be Waving At You
23. The Okmoniks –I’m Done
24. Black Rose Band –Thugg Passion
25. Gentleman Jesse –Going Out Of My Mind
26. Tokyo Electron –The Desert
27. The Preacher’s Kids –Be Sure Your Sins (Will Find You Out)
28. The Busy Signals –Plastic Girl
29. Goodnight Loving –Life Ain’t So Great
30. Head –Do You Remember Me?
31. Head –I Can See What You Dig
32. Jay Reatard –Oh It’s Such A Shame
33. Jay Reatard –I Know A Place
34. Greg Cartwright -Pocketful Of Broken Things
35. Quintron And Miss Pussycat –Shoplifter
36. Quintron And Miss Pussycat –Fly Like A Rat
37. Donny Denim –Rock And Roll Love Affair
38. Arch Rivals –Because Of You
39. Vending Machine –Happy Costumer
40. The Hex Dispensers –Lose My Cool
41. Top Ten –Never Get Enough
42. Thomas Function –Filthy Flowers
43. The Menthols –848
44. Perfect Fits –Childhish Ways
45. The Hip Shakes –I’m Gone
46. Final Solutions –My Love Id Disappointing
47. Final Solutions –I Am The Now
48. Boston Chinks -Swollen Vessels
49. The Barbaras –Topsy Turvy Magic

Cd track list:
1. Mr. Airplane Man –Not Living At All
2. Jay Reatard –Always Wanting More
3. The Hex Dispensers –Pile Of Meat
4. Donny Denim –Hey You
5. Eddy Current Suppression Ring –You Let Me Be Honest With You
6. Headache City -Hey Ugly
7. Perfect Fits –I’m Over You
8. Jeff Evans And Ross Johnson –Rovin Dope Peddler
9. Thomas Function –Snake In the Grass
10. Ooga Boogas –The Clock Is Ticking
11. The Barbaras –Topsy Turvy Magic
12. Black Rose Band –Say Goodbye
13. The Busy Signals –Tell Me
14. Digital Leather –Sores
15. Boston Chinks –Sleepyheads
16. Cococoma –Never Be True
17. Tyler Keith And The Preachers Kids –Adult High
18. Greg Cartwright –Take A Ride
19. Gentleman Jesse –Im Going Out Of My Mind
20. The Marked Men –Fix My Brain
21. Quintron And Miss Pussycat –Fly Like A Rat
22. Head –Ho Hugging No Learning
23. Donny Denim –Rock And Roll Love Affair

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