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Gorefest – Erase


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The studio follow-up to Gorefest's impressive sophomore release False, this 1995 offering is as heavy as its predecessor, but not quite the same achievement. Gorefest's pungent brand of Scandinavian metal was well-established when Erase hit record store shelves, and surpassing their own reputation within the genre was probably a feat the group couldn't accomplish. It's possible that they weren't even trying to outdo the extreme metal bombast of False, as there are very subtle hints that foretell of Gorefest's coming switch to a less metal, more rock stance later in the decade. This transformation has no real effect on Erase, however, as cuts like "I'll Walk My Way" and "To Hell and Back" feature all the double kick and menacing guitar trickery (not to mention the man-sized vocal aggression) to keep metalheads slack-jawed with awe. The stylistic shift that began with the group's next record is a controversial subject among Gorefest fans, and it's doubtful that many listeners could really enjoy both versions of the Dutch band, so if death metal or grindcore is your game, Erase and False are both highly recommended. Avoid the rest. Track listing: 1. Low 2. Erase 3. I Walk My Way 4. Fear 5. Seeds of Hate 6. Peace of Paper 7. Goddess In Black 8. To Hell And Back

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