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Gorgoroth – Antichrist


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Re-released in 2005. Norway 1992, Gorgoroth emerge intent on being one of the most uncompromising bands on earth and they have succeeded. These records exude a raw sound that harkens back to the origins of black metal, never polished, and devoid of atmospheric overtones and female voices. Regardless of whether you like black metal or not, no one can really deny the fact that this is an influential album. It isn't that long, but it is well worth the money. Throughout each of Gorgoroth's incarnations they have evolved, but maintained a certain aura and sound to them, this one is no exception, if you liked the other Gorgoroth releases; I see no reason as to why you would not like this one. Despite the undeniable experimentation of this album (compared to their "Pentagram" release), you can rest easy, they keep what brought them to the dance. Track listing: 1. En Stram Lukt av Kristent Blod 2. Bergtrollets Hevn 3. Gorgoroth 4. Possessed (by Satan) 5. Heavens Fall 6. Sorg

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