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Gorgoroth – Destroyer


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Many might have feared that Gorgoroth would sell out when signing to Nuclear Blast however that was not the case. But their fourth album ‘Destroyer’ is a rather mixed album and when you read that the album was recorded between 1994 and 1998, which puts it in the same timeframe as their three previous albums, then it arouses a sneaking suspicion that we are dealing with leftover tracks here, songs that didn't make it on the previous albums and were recycled just for this release. At the fact is that at times, it certainly sounds that way. There are different line-ups and different sounds, both production- and music-wise on most tracks. There are tracks that have a more traditional metal style riffs like on ‘The Virgin Born’ which is the only mid-paced track present. And a menacing presence of electronic samples like on the opener which thankfully never dominate the music and an awesome old school sound which make a very original sound throughout which has never been matched in the eight years since this album was vomited forth into existence. Whatever you think that the tracks fits together or not its still a frenzied black metal assault of an album. An album so filthy that only Gorgoroth can make it. Track listing: 1. Destroyer 2. Open the Gates 3. The Devil, the Sinner And His Journey 4. Om Kristen Og Jødisk Tru 5. Pa Slagmark Langt Mot Nord 6. Blodoffer 7. The Virginborn 8. Slottet i Det Fjerne (Darkthrone cover)

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