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Gospelrock 1978-1988 cd


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A rare 1993 compilation album featuring 19-tracks from the golden age of religious rock and metal music. The young Christian musicians started to write their own material in the mid 70s and within a short time these bands got a loyal following, an underground cult phenomenon if you like. They wrote their own material, toured and recorded albums. The two biggest acts of this moment was Jerusalem and Levicitus, the two heaviest bands, both of them gaining huge interest even outside of Sweden. If you were young at the time and remember this era then its a cool trip down the memory lane. If youre to young to remembers any of this then its a great album to start discovering what Sweden had to offer when it comes to religious rock music from the golden age. 16 of the tracks are lifted from full lengths album while Bileams are taken from a rare vinyl single, Ellen B from a live album compilation and the Ingemar Olsson tracks is lifted from a 1988 compilation that only was released on cassette.

Track list:
1. Jerusalem -Noa
2. Ingmar Johansson -Alltid På Väg
3. Roland Utbult -Du Är Musiken
4. Licence -Högt Spel
5. Salt -Bäste Konsument
6. Dynamis -Gör Vad Du Kan
7. Edin-Ådahl -Jag Väntar På Dig
8. Vackert Väder -Lev Fort Och Dö Ung
9. Bileams Åsna -Saab Turbo
10. Badmintons -Den Första Kärleken
11. Sidewalk -Gryning
12. Leviticus -On The Rock
13. Per-Erik Hallin -Morgonluft
14. Terra Nova -Ottar I Rappakärret
15. Charlotte Höglund -Fri
16. Ellen B -Lär Mig
17. Freda -Vindarna
18. Laila Dahl -Efter Regn
19. Ingemar Olsson -We Believe

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