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Goto80 ‎–0407 MC


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French pressed music cassette. Grey cassette with paper label.

Swedish Chiptune musician Goto80 (Anders Karlsson) is one of those musicians that started making original music back in the early 2000 on old videogames and computer hardware. This compilation includes tracks that have appeared on different compilation albums, in art projects, and in the demoscene. Ter4 was made for the Amiga-demo GBG by Up Rough and TBL, and was in fact a remix of a song called 3 that was released under the name Extraboy on Subnatura. Ter4 was also used in the video Pilgrim’s Progress, an art installation by Scott Jon Siegel, another Amiga-demo by Nori K, and some other things. Decibel Detective was used in the Ferret Show (2012), where it was performed together with Uwe Schenk’s jazz band and Raquel Meyers on live PETSCII visuals. Audio recordings of this was released on Upitup as well. But it was first released in Microdisco vol 4 – crime (2007). Chasing Pop won the Amiga music competition at LCP2005, and Datahell won the C64 music competition at Floppy 2005. Several songs were featured in C64-demos by Fairlight: Emanation Machine in a demo with the same name (#1 at LCP2003), Phh in Drop the Basics (#3 at X’2001), Semieasy in Postcards from Stockholm (#1 at LCP2004). The early track Truth, was part of Goto’s C64-drum n’ bass mix Monkeywarning (Monotonik, 2002) but also appeared on Album of the Year, a C64-music disk from 1999. And the song was actually made in 1998. One of Goto’s biggest “hits” Killer Piller opens the album and it also ends with this track but the final version has been remixed by Dubmood

Track list:
1. Killer Piller
2. Member
3. Exy (MOS8580 Version)
4. Ter4
5. Datahell Beta
6. Chasing Pop
7. Decibel Detective
8. Bullcactus
9. Semieasy
10. Soft Commando
11. Love Crime
12. Välkomstvisan (Remix)
13. Nes Mes
14. Kingston Data Traveller 2
15. Alaska
16. Comsten
17. La Gare De Mongo
18. Silly Sex (MOS6581 Version)
19. Rofon
20. Emanation Machine
21. Zambie (Remix)
22. Phh
23. Phracking
24. Wombatman
25. Truth
26. Billys Boogie Beta
27. Spill
28. Datahell
29. Killer Piller (Dubmoods Atari Jihad Remix)

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