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Gotthard -Lipservice lp [white]


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White vinyl with pop-up gatefold cover. Limited 200 numbered copies

I guess ‘steady as she goes’ should be the quote to sum up Swiss institution Gotthards eight studio release. Cruising along steadily, the group has remained stable in more ways than one, no line-up changes, no dip in homeland popularity and nothing musically that will shake their fan base. Singer Steve Lee, guitarists Leo Leoni and Freddy Scherer, Marc Lynn on bass and Hena Habegger on drums have freed themselves of the shackles of corporate label-dom with ‘Lipservice’ and are admirably striking out on their own. Quite incredibly, out of eight albums, the only Gotthard release not to make it to the peak of the Swiss charts was their debut. That is, by anyone’s standards is a quite awesome achievement. On the international stage though the band’s reputation, mainly via internet word of mouth, is only really just beginning to seep into the major territories. Gotthard are to Switzerland what Harem Scarem are to Canada – genius in isolation. Although undoubtedly an exceptional band Gotthard is a bit of an evolutionary oddity. This band would have been monstrously huge during the eighties as every trademark cliché is used to the maximum. Are the Swiss just so out of step musically with the rest of the world to generate 2 million album sales for this band? Maybe, but then again maybe they just appreciate good music. And that’s what Gotthard deliver- honest to goodness, no frills, great commercial Rock music. ‘Lipservice’ packs a nice production punch, this records “sounds” big. Opening with ‘All We Are’ is a little disconcerting sat first if you have never heard the band before – it’s very basic with a riff even Krokus might have shied away from. However, there’s even spirit to maintain the interest through the OK-ish second cut into the single ‘Lift “U” Up’. This song is very Popp, very 70s and driven by a sub-tribal percussion usually associated with Adam And The Ants. It’s quirky but it works. From here on in things improve remarkably as Gotthard demonstrate some exceptional skills and maturity, proving they can cover all the bases. They keyboard work throughout really anchors the whole record into retro classic territory. Elsewhere there are some superb, tastefully executed Blackmore-ish guitar licks that really stand out. The second half of the album is weighted towards a more mature direction but is punctuated by a deft slice of Scandi-style Pop in ‘The Other Side Of Me’. This chorus is so catchy you would swear blind it was a Bjorn & Benny leftover. When the record closes out with the subtle refrain of ‘And Then Goodbye’ Gotthard have done their job, as the first thing you do is hit the ‘play’ button again…and again…and again.

Track listing:
1. All We Are
2. Dream On
3. Lift ‘U’ Up
4. Everything I Want
5. Cupid Arrow
6. I Wonder
7. I’m Alive
8. I’ve Seen An Angel
9. Stay For The Night
10. Anytime Anywhere
11. Said And Done
12. Other Side Of Me
13. Nothing Left At All
14. And Then Goodbye

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