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Black vinyl with gatefold cover. Limited 300 copies

The seven track album, entitled Semen Serpentis, will be the Swedish black metal band Grafvitnirs sophomore full-length release and a follow up to 2012s Nahash. Semen Serpentis deals with the subject of the Serpentine bloodline, and artwork and photography for the album are by Occultum. Grafvitnir describe themselves as a “Scandinavian Occult Black Metal constellation from the dark forests of Sweden”. Their mission statement is “…\To act as a herald for the Chaosophical tradition of dark, forbidden fruits”. While those of us who are uninitiated in such things may not fully comprehend all the references, perhaps we can still connect with and appreciate dark beauty. The album is a sleek and aggressive beast, spawned by a band which has honed their craft to a fine edge.

Track listing:
1. Where Time Has Ceased To Be
2. Descendants Of The Serpent
3. Av Ormens Blod
4. Sword Of The Damned
5. Poisonous Streams Of Hraunn
6. Seed Of Apep
7. Vilddjurets Aterkomst

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Carnal Records

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CRLP 018