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Granbretan Invasion A Tribute To NWOBHM cd


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If you are serious about heavy metal, then you know what New Wave Of British Heavy Metal – commonly abbreviated as “NWOBHM” – is all about more than well. The movement that started in the United Kingdom at the end of the ’70s, achieved its peak in the early ’80s, but let’s be honest, it’s something that can’t be stopped, tamed or limited. Yes, more than 3 decades later and NWOBHM is doing well. Maybe even better than ever! Granbretan Invasion – A Tribute To NWOBHM, is as the title suggests, a tribute to the musical phenomenon that changed the history of music. The album includes covers of such legendary acts as Diamond Head, Saxon and Raven but also interesting renditions of songs originally recorded by the underground heroes such as Witchfinder General, Tytan, Savage, Satanic Rites, Persian Risk, Holocaust, Tredegar and Black Axe. What’s even more interesting, the covers are performed by legendary acts such as Avenger – who are one of the original NWOBHM acts, Witch Cross, who invited the original Saxon guitarist Graham Oliver to join them, or Martyr and Twisted Tower Dire, and some of the most interesting young heavy metal acts, including Enforcer, Cauldron, Helvetets Port, Gatekeeper, Ironflame, Hitten, Substratum and Savage Master.

Track list:
1. Avenger -Inquisitor-Raven cover
2. Enforcer -Let It Loose-Savage cover
3. Witch Cross -Strong Arm Of The Law-Saxon cover
4. Cauldron -Free Country-Witchfinder General cover
5. Helvetets Port -Highway Rider-Black Axe cover
6. Gatekeeper -Richard III-Tredegard cover
7. Ironflame -Shoot Out The Lights-Diamond Head cover
8. Hitten -The Watcher-Tytan cover
9. Substratum -Cast My Spell -Satanic Rites cover
10. Twisted Tower Dire -Calling For You-Persian Risk cover
11. Savage Master -Death Or Glory-Holocaust cover
12. Martyr -Dont Need Your Money-Raven cover

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