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Grand Belials Key – Judeobeast Assassination


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A signature release from one of the more widely praised American black metal bands, Judeobeast Assassination is perhaps the peak of Grand Belial Key's repertoire to date. Musically it is as unique and ignorant of genre conventions as the behaviour of the musicians themselves, and lyrically it has enough merit to give even a jaded metal listener some fresh material for consideration. It is grand in a number of senses, from the gigantic production to the vulgar poetic accompaniment to the powerful riffs themselves. Each aspect has its role, but the album may be best characterized as a violent expression of common ideas, where every note is played with the intention of enhancing the satirical message. This is the original Drakkar release Track listing: 1. The Tenderhearted's Manifesto 2. Pimps of Gennesaret 3. Fecal Parturition 4. The Shitagogue 5. The Hexenhaus Vigil 6. Lamb of God Slain Will Be 7. Satanicunt 8. Doves of War

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