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Grand Cadaver ‎–Madness Comes lp [marbled]


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First pressing with misprinted track listing on back cover. Marbled vinyl. Limited 300 copies

Grand Cadaver was formed by five Swedes in the early summer of 2020. Everyone has been involved in the Swedish extreme music scene since its birth, in the mid ’80s, and forward. From thrash metal to Stockholm death metal to Gothenburg death metal to doom metal and progressive metal. Grand Cadaver is meant to celebrate our past but also embrace where we are today. While also hanging out with friends that share the same love for the extreme. The debut, Madness Comes, was recorded in three days at Welfare Sounds by Per Stålberg and Kalle Lilja in August 2020. Grand Cadaver is:

Stefan Lagergren: Guitar (The Grifted/ex. Treblinka/Expulsion)
Alex Stjernfeldt: Guitar (Novarupta/Let Them Hang)
Daniel Liljekvist: Drums (Disrupted/ex. Katatonia)
Mikael Stanne: Vocals (Dark Tranquillity)
Christian Jansson: Bass (Pagandom)

Track list:
1. Madness Comes
2. Staff Of The Oppressor
3. Blood-Filled Skies
4. Fields Of The Undying

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