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Grave Digger -Ballads Of A Hangman lp


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Black vinyl with one bonus track. Limited 400 copies

Grave Digger confirms once again their legendary status in the world of heavy metal with Ballads Of A Hangman. While celebrating genuine old-school metal and remaining loyal to their trademark sound with driving guitar riffs, thundering double bass, soulful solos, and catchy choruses. 100 procent german metal greatness.

Track list:
1. The Gallows Pole
2. Ballad Of A Hangman
3. Hell Of Disillusion
4. Sorrow Of The Dead
5. Grave Of The Addicted
6. Lonely The Innocent Dies
7. Into The War
8. The Shadow Of Your Soul
9. Funeral For A Fallen Angel 1
10. Stormrider
11. Pray
12. Jailbreak-Thin Lizzy cover

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Jolly Roger Records / Blackbeard Records

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