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Grave Digger -Heavy Metal Breakdown dlp [red]


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2018 re-issue double red vinyls with gatefold cover, new sleeve notes and 5 bonus tracks

Grave Digger are true survivors of the early eighties German thrash metal boom. Formed in November 1980 in Gladbeck. Their debut debut album, ‘Heavy Metal Breakdown’, with keyboard contributions from Dietmar Dillhardt, sold more than 40,000 copies in Europe, although the band had initially made their recording debut supplying two tracks to the ‘Rock From Hell’ compilation album. This is a powerful, raw, unpolished and excellent debut among the heavier German metal album released at the time in 1984. With titles like ‘Headbanging Man’, ‘Heavy Metal Breakdown’ and ‘Legion Of The Lost’, you know damn well what you’re in for. This is metal in its purest form, delivering non-stop speed that’s gauranteed to cause some serious whiplash and fist pumping.

Track listing:
1. Headbanging Man
2. Heavy Metal Breakdown
3. Back From The War
4. Yesterday
5. We Wanna Rock You
6. Legion Of The Lost
7. Tyrant
8. 2000 Lightyears From Home
9. Heart Attack
10. Shoot Her Down
11. We Wanna rock You-mega mix
12. Storming The Brain
13. Violence
14. 2000 Lightyears From Home-alternative version

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