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Grave Digger -Liberty Or Death lp [splatter]


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2020 reissue on red and black splatter vinyl

Over 20 years ago Grave Digger were born, ready to conquer the hearts of every Metal fan with their debut record ‘Heavy Metal Breakdown’. This masterpiece became a true cult classic, and with their 12 other releases Grave Digger – together with bands like Helloween, Running Wild, Sinner and Destruction – have established the trademark ‘Heavy Metal – Made in Germany’ worldwide. Now Chris Boltendahl (vocals), Manni Schmidt (guitar), Jens Becker (bass), Stefan Arnold (drums) and H.P. Katzenburg (Keyboards) are back with the most elaborate record of their career: ‘Liberty Or Death’. Vocalist Chris Boltendahl was inspired with this album by a book named ‘Liberty Or Death’ by a Cretean writer. The book directly inspired the title song about the Greek revolution on Crete and then the theme of the rest of the album. Two songs deal with Germany’s treatment of the Jews in the Second World War and a further two more about more Ancient Jewish history. ‘Ocean of Blood’ tells of Moses parting the Red Sea and ‘Massada’ tells of the siege of Masada at the end of the First Jewish-Roman War. ‘March of the Innocent’ is about the Holocaust and ‘Ship of Hope’ tells of the ‘Voyage of the Damned’ of the SS St. Louis. Boltendahl says that the number of songs on this subject was not intended, but that the stories were interesting on their own.

Track list:
1. Liberty Or Death
2. Ocean Of Blood
3. Highland Tears
4. The Terrible One
5. Until The Last King Died
6. March Of The Innocent
7. Silent Revolution
8. Shadowland
9. Forecourt To Hell
10. Massada

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