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Grave Digger – Rheingold


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One of the first Noise Records signings in the early eighties, Grave Digger released three raw power metal albums before changing their name to Digger and disbanded soon after. Several years later, vocalist Chris Boltendahl resurrected the band by recommendation of guitarist Uwe Lulis, and the reformed Grave Digger has been rocking ever since. Grave Diggers tenth album eRheingoldf is a concept album, based on Richard Wagner's The Ring of the Nibelung. Predictably, Grave Digger apply sonic and lyrical bombast with a trowel, rendering each of the ten tracks a gloriously heavy-handed slab of '80s-style Euro-metal. History buffs may not learn much here, but old-school metalheads will be rewarded. Tracklist: 1. The Ring 2. Rheingold 3. Valhalla 4. Giants 5. Maidens Of War 6. Sword 7. Dragon 8. Liar 9. Murderer 10. Twilight Of The Gods

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