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Grave Digger -The Forgotten Years lp


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Black vinyl with insert

German metal act Gravedigger shortened their name to just Digger for 1986 and 1987. They were then reunited under the name of Hawaii 1988 to 1991 before finally being reformed as Grave Digger again in 1991. The Forgotten Years features the Return Of The Reaper demo 1991 and the For Promotion Only Ep 1992.

Track list:
1. Ride On-For Promotion Only 1992
2. Shadows Of A Moonless Night-For Promotion Only 1992
3. Spy Of Mason-For Promotion Only 1992
4. Fight The Fight-For Promotion Only 1992
5. Ruler Mr. H.-Return Of The Reaper demo 1991
6. And The Devil Plays Piano-Return Of The Reaper demo 1991
7. Fight The Fight-Return Of The Reaper demo 1991
8. Wedding Day-Return Of The Reaper demo 1991

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