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Grave Digger -The Last Supper lp [red]


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2020 re-issue on red vinyl

One of the first Noise Records signings in the early eighties, Grave Digger released three raw power metal albums before changing their name to Digger and disbanded soon after. Several years later, vocalist Chris Boltendahl resurrected the band by recommendation of guitarist Uwe Lulis, and the reformed Grave Digger has been rocking ever since. Grave Diggers eleventh album ‘The Last Supper’ is another concept album by this band. This time its about the last hours of Christ and no it isn’t Stryper the band arent going all evangelical. The almost polished branching out focus on ‘Rheingold’’ is put aside for another day as Grave Digger set all amps to maximum metal. This album are back to basic an all out metal assault which is pretty much what Boltendahl and cohorts have been doing year in year out since the early 80’s. Expect the harsh, rasping utterly unique vocals of Chris Boltendahl and the ordinary rhythm unit from Stefan Arnold and Jens Becker. This is Heavy Metal. There are no gimmicks no tricks and certainly no posturing. It’s straight ahead power, energy and force all combined to offer up a band who have little left to prove and have no obvious equals as they’ve been around the block more times than they’d care to mention. There is something resolute and comforting that band like Grave Digger is here to serve up what exactly they say they will: fist in the air chanting head banging Heavy Fuckin’ Metal.

Track list:
1. Passion
2. The Last Supper
3. Desert Rose
4. Grave In No Mans Land
5. Hell To Pay
6. Soul Savior
7. Crucified
8. Divided Cross
9. The Night Before
10. Black Widows
11. Hundred Days
12. Always And Eternity

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