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Grave Digger -Tunes Of War dlp [orange]


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2022 re-issue on double vinyl with gatefold cover. Flaming orange/yellow vinyls. Limited 1500 numbered copies

One of the first Noise Records signings in the early eighties, Grave Digger released three raw power metal albums before changing their name to Digger and disbanded soon after. Several years later, vocalist Chris Boltendahl resurrected the band by recommendation of guitarist Uwe Lulis, and the reformed Grave Digger has been rocking ever since. Grave Diggers sixth album Tunes Of Warf is a concept album by German metal band Grave Digger about the Scottish struggles for independence from England, from the medieval conflicts between its tribes in the 11th century through to the Jacobite rebellion of the 18th.

Track listing:
1. The Brave
2. Scotland United
3. The Dark Sun
4. William Wallace (Braveheart)
5. The Bruce (Lion King)
6. The Battle Of Flodden
7. The Ballad Of Mary (Queen Of Scots)
8. The Truth
9. Cry For Freedom
10. Killing Time
11. Rebellion (The Clans Are marching)
12. Culledon Muir
13. The Fall Of The Brave

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