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Grave Digger – War Games


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Grave Digger are true survivors of the early eighties German thrash metal boom. Formed in November 1980 in Gladbeck. The bands third album ‘War Games’ appeared in 1986 and part of this can be seen as their first effort to make a concept album. The second half of the album tells the story about the Enola Gay, when it dropped the atomic bomb over the Japanese town of Hiroshima. Grave Digger's lyrical interests in songs about war was undeniably noticable ever since their first album. Now, they have put the subject together into story told within 3 songs: 'Paradise', 'Enola Gay (Drop The Bomb)', and 'Fallout'. The overall sound is slightly different, more polished, not as hard hitting and have a bigger amount of catchiness that lacked on the two previous releases. Maybe the band was hoping for a commercial breakthrough with this album. However it didn’t get that good reviews and were something of a disappointment to all concerned in terms of sales and, upon completion of gigs across Europe packaged with Celtic Frost and Helloween the band adopted the new title of Digger and went for an even more commercial sound. Needless to say, that record flopped and the group split until the 1993 reunion. 1994 reissue Track listing: 1. Keep On Rocking 2. Heaven Can Wait 3. Fire In Your Eyes 4. Let Your Heads Roll 5. Love Is Breaking My Heart 6. Paradise 7. (Enola Gay) Drop The Bomb 8. Fallout 9. Playin' Fools 10. The end

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