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Grave Digger -Witch Hunter lp [gold]


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2018 re-issue on gold vinyl with new sleeve notes

Grave Digger are true survivors of the early eighties German thrash metal boom. Formed in November 1980 in Gladbeck. Their follow up to their well received debut was just as heavy as ‘Heavy Metal Breakdown’ but with less fury and attitude to both the lyrics and the music. The opening title tack, ‘Witch Huner’, picks up right where the first album left off and could have fit perfectly on that debute. Expect the harsh, rasping utterly unique vocals of Chris Boltendahl with some gruffy yet quite screechy vocals together with the band that nails down pounding drums and bass like their life’s depended on it. This is in your face, solid heavy metal.

Track listing:
1. Witch Hunter
2. Night Drifter
3. Get Ready For Power
4. Love Is A Game
5. Get Away
6. Fight For Freedom
7. Schools Out
8. Friends Of Mine
9. Here I Stand

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BMG Records / Noise Records

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