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Grave Flowers -Solace Me pic disc


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Picture disc with lyric insert

Doom band Grave Flowers was formed in Karlstad in December of 1993 by Matte Andersson of Godgory and Loss as a one man side project. After two demos he asked his bandmates Erik Andersson (Godgory) and Jan Jason Janson (Loss) to help him record an album. They spent 3 weeks in the studio, practically night and day. Seven songs were recorded for their debut ‘Solace Me’ and it was released in July 2001. This is a mix of doom metal ala My Dying Bride and gothic acts such as Sisters Of Mercy. Matte Andersson does all the singing with clear vocals and the end result is exactly what this kind of genre requires gloom and melody.

Track list:
1. Insomnia
2. Mentally Exposed
3. No More Winters
4. Wistful Whispering
5. Voluntary Silence
6. Dayexchange
7. Different Moods

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