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Grave – Into The Grave [original]


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Grave is a Swedish (Visby) death metal band. They started in 1986 under the name Corpse and changed it to Grave in 1988. From the beginning of the great European death metal movement Grave took charge with an incredibly tight band and a lot of atmosphere. This is the groups now legendary debut released in 1991. This debut established Grave as one of death metals most brutal new hopefuls. A death metal classic. Original release 1991. Tracklist: 1. Deformed 2. In Love 3. For Your God 4. Obscure Infinity 5. Hating Live 6. Into The Grave 7. Extremely Rotten Flesh 8. Haunted 9. Day of Mourning 10. Inhuman 11. Banished To Live

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