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Grave Pleasures -Dreamcrash cd


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Grave Pleasures is the Finnish darkwave/post-punk band formerly known as Beastmilk. While I noticed a lot of metal musicians giving the previous album props at the end of 2013, I expected them to be wildly popular by now. I guess it’s not fashionable at the moment. That’s the loss of the lemmings. The metal, avant folk and psych lurks in their blood, straining to be let out, but is more a vein of molten lava ominously rumbling beneath the ground. It’s perhaps this tension and restraint that makes the band so compelling, and entertaining. The songs are based on fairly traditional wireframes, but there are all kinds of moments where it seems like they are going to go completely off the rails, and you are reminded that they are complete batshit lunatics. But highly disciplined. Futureshock features some pretty fiery slashing guitars and choruses, and you can hear some demented cackling in the background.

Track listing:
1. Utopian Scream
2. New Hip Moon
3. Crying Wolves
4. Futureshock
5. Crisis
6. Worn Threads
7. Taste the Void
8. Lipstick on Your Tombstone
9. Girl in a Vortex
10. Crooked Vein
11. No Survival

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