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Graveland – Dawn Of Iron Blades


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Graveland records, Rob Darken continues to borrow elements from his last few projects, mix in some of the reignited passion of the early days, and blend them under the auspices of his burgeoning songwriting skills. This album by the Polish pagan metal demagogue displays a compositional aptitude that could also impress the most impartial of listeners, who couldn't give a darn about the spirit of ancient warriors clad in funky plate armour and brandishing obsolete weaponry. This is a reminder that the Graveland battle is far from over. If you've enjoyed any of their other later pagan metal works, this one is a must-buy! Highly recommended. Track listing: 1. Iron of The Fog 2. Semper Fidelix 3. Immortal Bloodline 4. To The North of Rubicon 5. Crown Heroic My Departure 6. While I Ride With The Valkyries

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