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Graveland – The Celtic Winter


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Extreme black metal from Wroclaw, Poland by Robert ‘Rob Darken’ Fudali.. They released six demos between January 92 to 94. This cd version of the 1994 sixth demo called ‘The Celtic Winter’ was released in 1996. Some of the songs present here were re-recorded for ‘In The Glare Of Burning Churches’ full-length, yet the versions on this demo are far better than those. Since this demo is extremely well done and lasts over 35 minutes it might pass as an actual album. Coherent and melodic songwriting and eerie, dissonant arrangements, pagan musicalization and hateful militant riffing are to be found on this demo. Its minimalist but honest guitarwork contains lots of dissonances, minor power-chord tremolo picking and haunting, distorted and to a lesser degree acoustic arpeggios. This demo obviously isn't that varied as a Opeth fan might want, but this album possesses a vehement variety that many raw Black Metal works lack. This demo is totally essential as it manifests Graveland's consolidation. A black metal demo classic Track listing: 1. Intro 2. Call of the Black Forest 3. Hordes of Empire 4. The Night of Fullmoon 5. Prolog 6. The Gates to the Kingdom of Darkness 7. The Return of Funeral Wind

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