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Gravestone – Back To Attack


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2005 remastered with 2 bonus live tracks Gravestone was one of the many great bands that were on Gama records that never really got anywhere. This band released three good albums and the 85 album ‘Back To Attack’ is a true hammer stroke, still. Simple, pure Heavy Metal. Intelligently done and without any big weaknesses. Songs like "The Tiger", starting with a tolling bell and rocking along, which could easily measure up to some Accept hymns, then the title song, with its great guitar solos, the fast and hefty "Won't Stop Rocking", the galloping "Dirty Tales" with its "pleasure slave" moans, plus hymns such as "Rock'n'Roll Is Easy" and "Son Of The Freeway" manage to get people going. Guitarist Mathias 'Don' Dieth later briefly showed up with Sinner and U.D.O. Track listing: 1. I Love the Night 2. The Tiger 3. Back To Attack 4. Break Out 5. Menuett 6. Won't Stop Rocking 7. Dirty Tales 8. Suicide 9. You Are The Sun 10. Rock'n Roll Is Easy-live 11. Son Of The Freeway-live

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